Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cards, paper, cardholder box/purse......

This post is going to have a lot of pictures in it. So hopefully you'll stick around till the end and maybe get inspired in one way or another in your creative area. :)

I've been doing a lot of different projects this year. For the last 4 month I would say I have things going on, things that need to get done. And I love it. I love using my cricut. It's the best things I ever got. My husband is so awesome... :)

As I've mentioned in another post that I've been privileged to help out in a wedding. The last thing that I did for the bride were the name tags that I posted about a couple posts ago.

Today I wanted to show you what I did with the negative flower/swirl looking die cut from the name tags. You can fit 47 cuts (I believe) on the 12x12 sheet. The flower came from the Lyrical Letters cartridge. (I love this cartridge by the way.) After cutting out all those flowers out I looked at the left over 12x12 sheet of paper that had all of those flowers cut out from and I just couldn't throw it away. I thought there must be something that I could do with it. So here is what I did. I know this has been done before with so many other things. But still, I thought this was kind of cool and it just might give some one an idea that they haven't thought about yet.

I took that negative sheet put it on white card stock. Then took a sponge of any kind (anything will work really) dipped in to ink and then tabbed on the white that was showing through. You'll need to let the ink dry before using a different colors or you can just go and stamp right over while it's still wet and you'll get an image with multiple colors in it. Both look cool.

Here I used this cloth thing that gave me a streak like image on top of my flowers.

This is what my negative paper looks like now after using all kinds of colors on it. You can do so many things with just this one sheet. It really last you for a long time.

Take the negative paper that was used as your stencil carefully off of the white card stock and here is what you get. Beautiful print.

You can see the streaks here.

Here is what you get if you stamp right over the wet ink. Colors mix and kind of gives you a cool look.

I did 10 cards using the stenciled paper.

I added some stickles here on the stenciled flowers.

I also did a cardholder box/purse that holds up too 20 cards in it. Very easy to do. A friend of mine who is an SU demonstrator showed me this box. I used some CTMH stamps on top of the stenciled images just to add little extra. I also did a card that was left from that sheet of paper.

Don't know if you can see. But I did some dry embossing on this card. Trying new things.

Here is the whole bundle. I would like to give it to some one as a gift, just don't know who yet... :)

Thanks for looking and hope you liked my latest project!!! :)


  1. WOW Nadya! Beautiful work as always! Thanks for sharing with us!

    Dawn :~)

  2. Very lovely work, Nadya! I will have to come back again later to really look at it. Hoping to get some down time to create later after church tonight. Finally got a blog post done that I've been thinking about forever. Take care!

  3. Very creative and pretty. Nice job Nadya!

  4. Awesome cards, Nadya! BTW, I think the text color is white, so it's not showing up!

  5. Thanks ladies... :)

    Shirley, it's fixed now... :) you posted during the construction work!!! LOL :)

  6. Gorgeous cards Nadya! And I LOVE that little bag!