Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter 2009.....

I know, I know. I'm late on posting about Easter. But hey better late then never. Right? :)

Lots of pictures in this one. I promised my family that I would post pics of the girls for them all to see...

We had a fantastic Easter!

We had friends over the day before for an egg hunt with all the kids. We had 9 kids here, 11 year old was the oldest... We had all kinds of good food to eat.

The kids LOVED the egg hunt. I had marked some special eggs for the kids to hunt for. One had a happy face on it and inside they found one of those big chocolate eggs with caramel inside... The second egg had a flower on it and inside was some candy and a note that said "Give so and so a HUG!!!" So they all ended up giving each other a big HUG! It was a lot of FUN!

Baby Girl getting her eggs.

The kids stuffed them selves with candy... Well, OK our baby girl stuffed her self with candy!!! LOL :)

Kids are looking through their baskets to find those marked eggs and see what is inside of them.


After the egg hunt the kids colored eggs and had a blast!!!!

Later on daddies played with kids soccer, football, tag and I'm sure there was something ales.

It was so nice to spend time with friends, play, laugh and remember the real reasoning for Easter, Jesus and what He did for us on that cross and that He arose on the third day!!!

Easter Sunday was a lot of fun. The girls got to wear their beautiful matching dresses that their grandparents, aunts and uncles had gotten for them. I got some cute matching shoes for them. The girls looked beautiful!

When baby girl got up in the morning she saw her shoes and ran towards them. She had to put them on and danced around the living room. It was so cute. We got all dressed and went to Church.

Our Pastor had a very good message that morning. Our daddy sang in the Church choir.

After the Church service we waited for daddy to be done with his buss route at the Church and I just had to take some pictures of the girls in their dresses. Oh, the compliments the girls got in those dresses.... Everyone said that they looked beautiful!!!!

Of course the hardest thing was to do is to get them all looking at the camera at the same time. There was just no way that was happening. If baby girl was looking at me then munchkin was not. But I did manage to get some pictures.

Here they are in their dresses. Sara did not want to take pictures. She got upset with me because I had taken her candy away from her so we could take a picture.




I just thought this is the funniest picture of them ever. Baby girl cracks me up!!!

See what I mean? They are all looking different directions. But they are still cute!!!

And some more pictures of the girls.

Sara finally got to have her candy after pictures were taken. Yup, she's a happy camper now... :)

And the last picture is the whole family!!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

Nadya :)

My Cricut Expression cover!!!!

I absolutely love my cricut expression cover!

It was made for me by my mommy... :)

We spend couple of times looking online for cricut covers and she had a great idea of knitting one for me. And I just love how it turned out. And it's BROWN with PINK! LOL :) Love it!

She made it so it would stretch out on the bottom to go around and kind of tug under. For those of you that knits I have no clue what pattern she used, but I don't think it's a hard one.

I just love how it turned out!!!

and now here are the pictures...

See it stretches out on the bottom.

Thank you mommy! Your the BEST!!!! I LOVE my cricut cover!!!! :)


Lots of Blog Birthdays are happening this month that means lots of giveaways!

Passion For Crafts is celebrating her 1 year anniversary!!!! Congratulations Debbie!!!!

To help her celebrate her anniversary she is offering a Blog Candy... Love those!!! Check out DEBBIE'S blog. To play along you need to live her a comment and post about her candy in your blog.... So go and do it!!! You never know you might win!!!

Good luck and Congratulations DEBBIE!!!

Nadya :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Blog Birthday Party all week long....

Who doesn't love giveaways? Well I do... :)

Feelings Scrappy is having their 2nd Birthday Anniversary and they are having a party all week long!!! WOW! That is awesome!! They are having lots of giveaways. How cool is that? To play along all you have to do is go check them out and post in your blog about their party!!!! So don't you wait any longer go and do it.... You never know, you just might win something!!!

Have fun and Happy Birthday Feelings Scrappy Gals!!!

Nadya :)

Finally things are some what slowing down....

around here....

I got couple of e-mails asking where I was at... :) Thanks ladies for wondering...

I've been so busy these couple of month with all kinds of things!!! But they are all fun!!!! :)

I'm hoping that I'll have more time to post about the things that have been happening. Some very exciting things. A lot of projects around the house have been happening and I got to do a lot of craft type projects for our Church. So I'm hoping to have some time this week and share some of those things with you all.

So for now I'm just letting you all know that I'm here... :) just doing things in the real world!!!! hee hee

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and got to go to Church with your family!!!!

Nadya :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter Everyone!!!!

I haven't posted an update in so long... I've been really busy last month! Lots of things doing and working and so on and on. April should be so much better. Hopefully... :)

Wanted to wish Everyone a Blessed Easter! Take time to spend with your family and your Church family to remember what Easter is all about!

I'm so glad to have a savior like Jesus that came to die and rise on the third day so I could go to haven!!!!!! He is an AWESOME God!!!! :)

Happy Easter!!!! Have a wonderful sunny day!!!!

Nadya :)