Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Cricut Expression cover!!!!

I absolutely love my cricut expression cover!

It was made for me by my mommy... :)

We spend couple of times looking online for cricut covers and she had a great idea of knitting one for me. And I just love how it turned out. And it's BROWN with PINK! LOL :) Love it!

She made it so it would stretch out on the bottom to go around and kind of tug under. For those of you that knits I have no clue what pattern she used, but I don't think it's a hard one.

I just love how it turned out!!!

and now here are the pictures...

See it stretches out on the bottom.

Thank you mommy! Your the BEST!!!! I LOVE my cricut cover!!!! :)



  1. How cute is that, Nadya!!! I also love the brown and pink!!

  2. Thanks Tracy!!!!
    Love brown and pink at the moment... :)