Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My sister is flying in tonight....

I can not wait to go to the airport and pick up my oldest sister and her husband tonight. :)

I cleaned the house yesterday. Washed everything that there was to clean. But I'm paying for it today. My body hurts.... My arms hurt from scrubbing... but my house is CLEAN! :) Woohoo!!!

Hoping to do some cards with my sister while she's here..... and go to the beach!!! :)


Friday, June 26, 2009

The New Look!!!!

Hey everyone! :)

A very good friend of mine who is very creative and knows what she's doing in the computer area did the upgrades for my blog... :) I'm so not a computer person and I'm so excited to have a friend like Lita who can do things like this in a meter of a click of a button and from the side of the world, Australia that is. You can visit Lita's blog here . She has amazing traditional and digital layouts, beautiful peaces of jewelery and is just the sweetest thing ever!!!! Love ya Lita!!! :) Thank you so much for helping me out with my blog!!!! Your the BEST!

So, what do you all think about my new look? :)


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Countdown to the Summer CHA '09 CELEBRATION!!!!

WOW! So many giveaways happening right now! It's awesome!!!

But this one is just awesome. Can you imagine winning some of the Cuttlebug folders? How cool would that be? Well here is your chance!!!! Cuttlebug Challenge Blogspot is having a countdown Celebration to this summers CHA.... You'll be able to see the new folders before they are out to the general public. Prizes to win and awesome challenges to be part of!!!!

Now go spread the word and good luck!!!!

Nadya :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cards, paper, cardholder box/purse......

This post is going to have a lot of pictures in it. So hopefully you'll stick around till the end and maybe get inspired in one way or another in your creative area. :)

I've been doing a lot of different projects this year. For the last 4 month I would say I have things going on, things that need to get done. And I love it. I love using my cricut. It's the best things I ever got. My husband is so awesome... :)

As I've mentioned in another post that I've been privileged to help out in a wedding. The last thing that I did for the bride were the name tags that I posted about a couple posts ago.

Today I wanted to show you what I did with the negative flower/swirl looking die cut from the name tags. You can fit 47 cuts (I believe) on the 12x12 sheet. The flower came from the Lyrical Letters cartridge. (I love this cartridge by the way.) After cutting out all those flowers out I looked at the left over 12x12 sheet of paper that had all of those flowers cut out from and I just couldn't throw it away. I thought there must be something that I could do with it. So here is what I did. I know this has been done before with so many other things. But still, I thought this was kind of cool and it just might give some one an idea that they haven't thought about yet.

I took that negative sheet put it on white card stock. Then took a sponge of any kind (anything will work really) dipped in to ink and then tabbed on the white that was showing through. You'll need to let the ink dry before using a different colors or you can just go and stamp right over while it's still wet and you'll get an image with multiple colors in it. Both look cool.

Here I used this cloth thing that gave me a streak like image on top of my flowers.

This is what my negative paper looks like now after using all kinds of colors on it. You can do so many things with just this one sheet. It really last you for a long time.

Take the negative paper that was used as your stencil carefully off of the white card stock and here is what you get. Beautiful print.

You can see the streaks here.

Here is what you get if you stamp right over the wet ink. Colors mix and kind of gives you a cool look.

I did 10 cards using the stenciled paper.

I added some stickles here on the stenciled flowers.

I also did a cardholder box/purse that holds up too 20 cards in it. Very easy to do. A friend of mine who is an SU demonstrator showed me this box. I used some CTMH stamps on top of the stenciled images just to add little extra. I also did a card that was left from that sheet of paper.

Don't know if you can see. But I did some dry embossing on this card. Trying new things.

Here is the whole bundle. I would like to give it to some one as a gift, just don't know who yet... :)

Thanks for looking and hope you liked my latest project!!! :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Awesome Blog Candy!!!

This blog has awesome awesome card ideas and other projects!!!!

But she is also giving away and AWESOME Blog Candy!!! :)

Check it out here and good luck!! :)


Baby Sara turns 2 years old today!!!!

I can't believe my baby is a two year old now. Where did the time go? She was just born and now she's walking around I mean running around telling people what they can and can not do. :) Yup, my little baby is a two year old. WOW!

Katherine, Leda and I started off our morning by singing a Happy Birthday song to Sara she was so excited. Then we had cereal for breakfast.....

I did a little video for our family and friends of Sara saying how old she is now....

One of our friends has a pool in their neighborhood so went to the pool to celebrate Sara's Birthday. We had 11 kids and 4 moms helping us celebrate her Birthday. It is always so fun to get together with girlfriends and the kids had a blast at the pool. Sara was scared of the water at first but by the time we had to go home you couldn't get her out of it. We had egg sandwiches, strawberries, grapes, pasta salad, some veggies and dip, chips and I'm sure I'm forgetting something for lunch. Our awesome friend Kristen made cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles, yummmmmmm.... Then Sara opened her gifts took her for ever to do that she sure loved the attention she was getting. LOL :)

Here are some pictures from our day at the pool.

Birthday Girl.

lunch time...

Yummmy cupcakes....

Three sisters.... If you are able in anyway to get all of your kids to look at the camera all at the same time in order to take a nice picture PLEASE share your secret. Because it took 3 of us moms to get this picture taken.... LOL :) Some one was always looking some where else. Sara is still not looking at me but at list she has her eyes opened... LOL :)

Then there was the opening of the gifts. She got... a Mermaid Barbie that she is so thrilled about.... She's playing with it right now... :)

Sesame Street Abby Cadabby Building Set. She loves this as well.... So easy to put the peaces together for her.

And look at this beautiful dress. And it's in BROWN and PINK colors!!!! :) So cute... and our friend made a matching hair clip to go with the dress. Isn't that too cute! :)

A Bath basket. Now she has her very own bath towel and a hand towel. A new tooth brash, a bath sponge and some other fun things. :)

The kids climbed a tree while they were waiting to go swimming again after eating lunch. This is Katherine picking out from the top of the tree. She was standing on the branch and her head was above the tree. That was cool.


Just to show you that the tree wasn't that tall.

Swimming pool fun. Our friends.


Katherine with her friends... she's the girl in the middle.

and Sara..

Happy Birthday Baby Sara!!! :)
Love mommy!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Name tags for a reception at the wedding.

I have been privileged to help out with wedding things for our friends from Church. The bride was also Katherine's Kindergarten teacher. We are all so excited and happy for her.

Here are the name tags that I did for her. They are going to go on the table for assigned sits, I think... :)

I didn't put names on the cards the bride will be doing that. But I had a lot of fun making these.

I used Accent Essentials cricut cartridge for my card shape. Lyrical Letters cartridge for the flower and the doves. The flower came from the "Thinking of you" button with the bird, hit the Jumbo button and then shift and you'll get the flower. For the doves you need to choose Italic Monoline then shift and hit the "Spring" button with a flower on it.

The black flower swirl is size 2 1/2 inches. And it fits 42 on a 12x12 paper. I'll post later what I did with the negative that was left from these flowers. The card is also 2 1/2 inches. The doves are 1 1/2 inches. I added some stickles on the doves to make them sparkle and inked the edges.

I adhered a thick strip of paper in the back for the tag to be able to stand on the table.

Another fun and easy project.... :)

Hope you liked it!

The girls and sand crabs.... What a hoot..... :)

This past Thursday evening we spend with our friends at their vacation cabin at the beach. Katherine was at the camp so we just had Leda and Sara with us. They got to go hunt for some sand crabs and had so much fun.

It was way too funny to see them jump in the sand because of a crab. The face expressions they had when the crabs were trying to escape from their cups.... Priceless!!!!

Our friends son and his friend had gotten a bucket and got some crabs in there. I did a video of Chris and the girls looking at the crabs. The girls are trying to protect Chris from sticking his fingers in the bucket because the crabs would eat his fingers.... LOL :)

No crabs were harmed during the making of this video...

Leda was OK in case any of you are wondering. :) Sara was just waiving around that fly swapper thing, she was killing bugs earlier. Yeah, the things our kids get to do at the beach..... :)

Nadya :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Cupcake anyone?????

This is by far my FAVORITE project that I have done so far!!!! This is so MUCH FUN AND SO EASY TO MAKE!!!! And yes I am shouting!!!!! :)

Yesterday I had yet another bridal shower to go to. We have I think 4 weddings this summer. Anyways, the bride and groom will be moving back to the main land as they both got jobs there. They both graduated from Bible College this summer and were hired there. So excited for them.

So we had to bring gift cards to the shower as shipping stuff will be too crazy and gift cards are so much easier to shop for and transport... hee hee :)
There was also to be a winner of the best decorated, original and crazy gift card. So I had to brain storm what to do.

I saw this video and I just fell in LOVE with the idea and the cupcake it self. This lady is AMAZING! Her videos are so easy to follow and so much fun and laughter! I love it.

I used all kinds of stuff. If you have any questions please do ask. I'll try to answer as best as I can....

Well here is my take on this cupcake!!!! I just LOVE how it turned out. It was awesome and BIG! I'm definitely making more of these and I see so many more things that you can do with this idea.... oh boy!!!!

This is the back.

With the card pulled out a little.

little more....

and here it is out... Oh and I got the gift card with baby booties on them as a joke. As it was suppose to be something funny and not original... :)

And I did have to make a matching gift bag. There was just no way I was going to let that pass. My husband of course rolled his eyes at me when I showed him my matching bag... LOL :) But I still love him even if he rolls his eyes at me.

The BRIDE loved it! Well everyone LOVED it... :) actually my dh said that it looked good enough to eat... ha ha...

Here are couple of pictures of the bride to be and her cupcake gift card.

Oh and I did win. How cool is that... :) and this is what I won!!!! LOL :)

This was such an awesome project to do. Hope you liked it and will give it a try.... :)