Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The girls and sand crabs.... What a hoot..... :)

This past Thursday evening we spend with our friends at their vacation cabin at the beach. Katherine was at the camp so we just had Leda and Sara with us. They got to go hunt for some sand crabs and had so much fun.

It was way too funny to see them jump in the sand because of a crab. The face expressions they had when the crabs were trying to escape from their cups.... Priceless!!!!

Our friends son and his friend had gotten a bucket and got some crabs in there. I did a video of Chris and the girls looking at the crabs. The girls are trying to protect Chris from sticking his fingers in the bucket because the crabs would eat his fingers.... LOL :)

No crabs were harmed during the making of this video...

Leda was OK in case any of you are wondering. :) Sara was just waiving around that fly swapper thing, she was killing bugs earlier. Yeah, the things our kids get to do at the beach..... :)

Nadya :)

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