Thursday, June 4, 2009

Card: Baby Shower invitation...

I got to play with Hello Kitty stuff this week... :) actually yesterday...

One of my friends is doing a baby shower for one of her friends and had asked me to do the invitations. The theme is Hello Kitty as the soon to be mom LOVES Hello Kitty stuff and the nursery apparently is all in Hello Kitty stuff.

So I had to go on a search of what I could use. I ended up getting sizzix textured embossing folders... I loved the folders, so cute. But I got stock on how do I make them cute? How do I decorate embossing images. I googled, asked around, did more googling and didn't really come up with anything that I liked.

I then went to my favorite scrapbook store on the island and they have this really really cute baby onesie shape card. So cut the number that I needed. Came home and ran in too yet another problem. How am I to emboss the Hello Kitty now on to the card? The folders don't fit right in the middle of the card and the card will not go through my sidekick. Grrrr...

Well, not all is lost... me and my friends (good to have friends around things like this) thought of an idea. I had ripped the folders apart and used my dough roller to help me emboss the image. Yup! My arms were very very tired after that. But I'm so glad that I had to do only 12 cards. We then used CM liquid pen thing and sprinkled some glitter, tap with a finger shake it off and we got a sparkly Hello Kitty on the baby Onesie. Used some other baby stamps, ribbon and scrappers floss.

They turned out so CUTE! I loved it.

So anyways, here are some pics for you all too look at...

This is the whole card.

Up close of the Kitty part.

Can you tell the embossing part of the Kitty?

The card opens this way.

Hope you liked my card!!!!

Nadya :)


  1. What a cute card, Nadya!
    Love all the projects you've posted lately. I've missed seeing your work :-)

  2. Oh Cori! I miss you all so much too!!!! I'm glad you stopped by here though. :) Thanks for the compliments! I've been keeping my self busy with lots of things and I love it all though it does get tiring... :)