Thursday, June 4, 2009

Memory Game and altered wooden box...

I LOVE just LOVE these wooden boxes. They come in call kinds of sizes and I'm so ready to go and get the big one that has 2 layers to it with a glass on top and is BIG. I want to alter that one... hee hee :)

Anyways, our second daughter had a birthday party to go too this past Saturday. As you all read we had a really busy day that day.

The little girl turned 4 and I decided to do an Animal Memory Card game for her with an altered box.

I got the box from a craft store here on the island of course. Used cricut Animal Kingdom cartridge to cut the animals. Accent Essentials to get the scalloped squires for the cards and on the box it's self. CTMH stamps, don't have the stamp set in front of me to get the name of it. But it's the one with the animals on it... :) Buttons, flowers, jewels and some animal stickers for the sides on the box. Oh, I also laminated the cards, this way they will live longer.

The cards are 4x4 and the animals are (if I remember correctly) 2 1/2 or 3 inch size. I had 10 animals, 20 cards.

The little girl LOVED her gift and they played the game while they were still at the park where the party was at.

And here are some pictures.

The cards.

The box it's self. I painted it with pink paint as you can see. :)

The lid on the box. I forgot to take a picture of the back of the cards but on the back of the cards I had the same words stamped on "Life's a Jungle" with flowers from the same stamp set.

Lid more up close just because....

Sides and again sorry about the blurry pictures.

Again, Thanks for looking... :)



  1. I love this idea!!! Absolutely darling! I hope you don't mind if I case your idea, both for a b day gift & also for chayli. Love it it turned out sooooo cute!

  2. Oh no I don't mind at all if you case it. That's why I post them here... :) To give ideas and such. My girls are asking for one too. They have princess game already but now they want the animal one. The box can fit more then 20 cards. I was just running out of time to make more. Have fun making it!!! And don't forget to post it in your blog!!!! :) Thanks!!!! :)

  3. Love this Nadya, what a great idea!

  4. Nadya, this is great!! I wish I had some little ones around to make one of these games for them.