Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Webkinz question for you all....

I hope some one can help us out....

Katherine has a Webkinz account for about a year or so now. A friend of hers gave her an account with a pet that the friend had started some time before.

About 2 weeks ago every time Katherine would log in there would be a message saying that our account is expiring. Now it has completely expired. In order for us to continue to use this account we need to get another Webkinz.

My questions are... Do Webkinz expire? Has any of you had this problem? Do you "need" to adopt more pets in order to use the account every time?

I thought they never expired. I guess I was wrong.

Anyone out there knows what this is all about???

Thanks for the help! :)


  1. Hi Nadya, we don't really play webkinz too often here but I know that the account is only good for 1 year and then I think that you need to pay to keep it going. Sorry, not what you wanted to hear I'm sure.

  2. OH, really? WOW! I so didn't know about that. I thought that when you buy your first animal or what ever then you just use that account. Interesting.
    Thanks for helping out... :)