Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

WOW! You all should really come to Hawaii for the New Years celebration. :)

We just got home, no more then 30 min ago. Got the kids in bed and the guys are playing PS2 in the leaving room. So I took the time to come here and post something in my blog.

We had so many AWESOME fire work shows done by people. We were in a parking lot at a friends apartment building just looking all around us for big awesome beautiful fireworks that were done.

My brother in law recorded some of it on his cell phone so as soon as I get that from him I'll make sure to post it here so you all can see it. It was just really really AWESOME!!!!

I just LOVE fireworks for the New Years! Reminds me of Ukraine a lot...

Happy New Years!!!!

I hope and pray that the new year will bring more happiness and joy to you and your family!!!! May the Lord bless you and your families!!!!

WOW! It's 2009.... and I just got used to writing 2008 now I need to change it... LOL:)

I am so excited about this year. It feels like a good year. :) I'm planing on starting fresh in many aspects of my life. Changes are going to be made. This is going to and AWESOME year for me and my family. And I am just so excited that Jesus is going to be right there holding my hand through it all... I love it!!! :)

Happy New Years!
Nadya :)


  1. I just love reading your blog...You are always so joyful and it seems you find joy easily. I want to be that way....Michelle in WA

  2. Awww...
    Thanks Michelle!!! That is so sweet of you... :)
    I'm not always joyful.. but I try to be. And having the Lord in my life makes it so much easier to be joyful. :)

    Thanks so much!!!

  3. Happy New Year Nadya! Hugs to you, Chris and your precious girls.

    love you all,
    Nida & family

  4. I always wanted to come to Hawaii.. Now I have an excuse, I'll come watch fireworks with you next New Years! Lol. We have fireworks in NY but we live far from town and we don't usually drive into town for them.

  5. Happy New Year, Nadya!!! May 2009 be full of blessings. :)

  6. Happy New Year...Nadya....
    Come back to SS!!

  7. C novim godam!!! I'm glad we have the Lord to lean on! It is so much better when He leads us! Amen! Love you Nadya~~~~Mariya