Sunday, December 13, 2009

Paper Christmas Trees.....

I love making these paper Christmas tress. They are so much fun and so easy to make.

I was shown how to make them couple of years ago by couple of friends from one of the message boards.

All you need is a couple of Styrofoam Cones, I guess as many of them as you want but you'll need online one cone per tree. :)

Then pick your colors and style of Christmas cardstock. All of my trees were different. That makes it more fun I think. :)

Cut your printed paper 1" wide and 3" long. You can arrange the loops of paper on your tree how ever you like it.
When you make a loop make sure that you don't crease it.
You can use those needles with the top hat kind of thing to hold your loops of paper on the cone. I used hut glue gun this time around. I found that the needles don't really hold the paper in place very well, but with hut glue gun those papers don't move at all.
Once you have all of your loops on the cone you can add some thing to the top. It came be a ribbon bow, some flowers or what ever else you have on hand.

I added some jewels and stickles to the papers after I was done with everything, just to make the trees sparkle little more...

I made three trees for our auction this passed week.

The first picture is of the trees that I did about two years ago. Last pictures are of the two trees that I made for the auction, I totally forgot to take a picture of the third tree..... So, sorry your not going to see the third tree.

Thanks for looking and I hope you'll try these out. They are really easy to make and so much fun. You can even have your kids help you.

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Merry Christmas,
Nadya :)


  1. Nadya~ These are so neat! Thanks so much for sharing how to make them. I think I need to make a couple for my mantle!

  2. These are wonderful!! You're so great!