Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Pick me UP!!! :)

Couple of days ago I got something in the mail that made my day!!! :)

I was so excited because the post mark said it was from Australia!!! Woohoo! I don't normally get things from Australia but how exciting is that!!!

When I turned the envelop over I saw the address and the name from the person that it was from. Oh, and that made my day even more.

This person has become a very dear and close friend to me through the interent. We have never met in person. We have never talked over the phone so I have no clue what this person sounds like. But we have become really good friends, I think. :) And I hope that this person feels the same way.

We found out that we are going through the same things in life right now. Emotionally and physically. Once we started talking and finding out a lot of things about each other we found out that our days are very the same but just in two different parts of the world.

Lita has become one of my good friends. Someone that I can e-mail or pm through ScrapShare and tell about my day. What is going on and that I need a hug or share something FUNNY that happened. We started to lift each other up everyday, wishing good day to each other and try to keep smiling as much as possible through out the day.

So it was very special to me to find a card that was hand made by my new friend Lita.

Is in it beautiful!? :)

Lita, Thank you so much for such a sweet Pick me up!! :) I love the card and YES it did make me smile!!! I hope that your day is going well today and that your smiling as well!!! :)


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  1. I'm so glad it made it there safely - I've never posted to HI before! lol So happy that I was able ot give you a little lift - and even happier that you were able to read my handwriting ROFL
    Take care missy and keep on smiling