Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!!

WOW!!! Thanksgiving is already here! So many things to be Thankful for this year and just in general.

Today I am Thankful for my family!
For my wonderful husband. My best friend and my prince!!! He is the best husband ever! He is a wonderful daddy. But most importantly he loves the Lord!

I am Thankful for my 3 beautiful, wonderful, healthy and spoiled girls!!! Katherine is going to be 7 in Jan. WOW! She was just born. Leda turned 4 in Sept. and is the most funny 4 year old ever! Baby Sara is 17 month old. WOW! She'll be 2 next year! They grow up way to fast!

I am Thankful for our Church Family and friends here in Hawaii. We have the best Church family! Everyone cares for one another. We support each other in need no matter what. We have a wonderful Pastor who loves the Lord and who is there for you when ever you need. He is there to help you move, he is there to pray with you when you are in need and to celebrate happy moments with you, like visits you at the hospital when you had a baby. :)

I am Thankful for my mom and dad and my sisters and brothers and for my mom in law and sisters and brothers on that side as well. We miss them terribly and wish that we could be with then during the Holidays. But I know that we are still together in our hearts!!! The relationship we have with each other. I miss them very much during this time of the year.

But most of all I am Thankful that Jesus is my savior. I am Thankful that I can talk to him through prayers. Whenever and where I am, I can talk to him. I am Thankful that prayers DO work. He always answers our prayers no matter what. Our family had couple of big prayers answered this year and I am So Thankful to the Lord for that. Our prayers might not be answered today or tomorrow, it might take couple of month, years but the wonderful thing is is that they DO get answered.

God has answered my prayers by giving me a wonderful family. A husband that loves the Lord and is wonderful dad and provider for our family. By giving me my girls. The pregnancy's and more! He answered my prayers by giving us a wonderful Church Family that is there for us.

He is a wonderful and awesome God!!!

What are you Thankful for today?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Nadya :)

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