Monday, November 24, 2008

Katherine lost her first tooth.

Katherine had two front teeth on the bottom that have been wiggling really bad. Her adult teeth started coming out only in the wrong area. The baby teeth didn't fall out yet so they were growing behind them.

She's been asking when will her baby teeth fall out. All of her friends already had a tooth or two fall out so she was waiting for her turn. Well it came this Sunday. I asked her if she wanted me to tie a string/thread and pull it out she said yes. So we did.

She was very excited!
As you can see...

See the thread.

And yes I took pictures of every moment and up close.

When the first time didn't work, she got scared... We did it the second time and it didn't work again. But it got the tooth so loose that it was just wobbling.

With daddy's help all went well and he pulled it out.

And after that there was a lot of excitement around our house!!!

Finally she lost her first tooth! So happy!!!:)



  1. Nadya, she is just beautiful! Love the toothless grin. We just went through this at our house last week, SO exciting!

  2. Bailey lost another tooth last night, also. Too cute!

  3. Congratulations to Bailey!!! I better not tell Katherine... She's about to loos her second one as well. She can't wait for it to come out... LOL:)