Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A new Blog and a Giveaway!!!

I love Giveaways!!! Do you?

Well if you do you need to become a follower of this new blog Practical Scrappers.

This blog is about using up our supplies. New ways to use our tools. Fun ideas, tips and tricks!!!!! More challenges to expend your creative mind!!!! I can not wait till their design team starts posting their projects!!!!

The BEST part is that they are starting off their blog by doing a BLOG CANDY!!! Woohoo!!!! So go CHECK them out and become a follower and you never know you might win something. :)

Good luck!!!


  1. Hi Nadya! Thanks for becoming a follower on my blog!! It's exciting to see someone else that's here in Hawaii!! Love your blog - such a cute background! Your memories album is really cute ~ always hard to see dear friends go!


  2. LOL :) I didn't even see that you were here in HI... I just liked your blog!!!! hee hee :) How cool is that? Thanks for the compliments on my album. Yes, it is so hard to let friends go...
    Nadya :)

  3. Hello friend, thanks for the visit, I am glad that you like as I put the blog! seeing the blog so nice of you, I said I wanted one more of you, so I set to work until I get put, and the truth that I love, thank you very much for coming to see me, you I am very grateful, again when you will be always well received! your blog is wonderful, you have a nice day friend! a hug and God bless !!!!!!