Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I stabbed my self with a knife last night..... :(

I should really stick to easy make dinners and not try anything fancy. Should go back to my chicken and pasta nights.... LOL :)

Last night I was making (yet another pasta dish) Spaghetti. I had brown beef on the stove and I was going to cut up some sausage to make it more lumpy and better I guess. The sausage was frozen. I went with a knife towards my left hand to open the package the knife slipped and went right in between my thumb and pointer finger.

It's about 1/4 to 1/2 inch cut, but about 1 1/2 dip.

I have a knife phobia this did not help me at all. I felt sick right away. Good thing that as I was yelling for Katherine to get me my cell it rang and it was dh. He called my best friend to come over and check my hand out.

I couldn't even look at it. I took the knife out grabbed a towel and squeezed so the blood doesn't gush out.

My arm started to feel numb little after wards, but I think that was because I was squeezing it so much. I didn't got to the ER or anything. There was a big traffic on the freeway (yes we have one freeway going in that direction) and dh didn't think that sitting in that for 3 or how ever many hours would be a good thing. So we decided to see what the morning will bring.

My hand is sore this morning. But it's not feeling numb any more, so that's good.

I had no clue how much you use those two fingers until you can't use them that well. Dh wrapped up my hand last night and I could not do anything. If I'd move the fingers the cut would hurt and little of skin would rip. Yuck!

So now I miss the use of my thumb and pointer finger. I have a lot of projects that need to be done by this Saturday. I have a recipe album to finish for a bridal shower, a memory game for a birthday party not to mention the stuff that I need to do around the house.

So that's how my evening was yesterday.

Nadya :faint:


  1. OUCH!!! Take care of that finger and make DH clean it out good with peroxide or rubbing alcohol!!!

  2. Thanks Tracy... :) Got it all cleaned out and bandaged up... Now it just needs to heal... and I wish it would do that part fast... :)