Tuesday, October 28, 2008

She's a BIG GIRL now!!!!

Sara is 16 month old and has been asking to go on the big potty for some time now. She sees her sister go in the bathroom and she wanted to know what that is all about. So we had her sit on there couple of times. She was happy and excited to do something that her big sister do as well, but scared at the same time... She held on to me every time she wanted to sit there LOL :) That silly girl!

Then we ran out of diapers, don't know how that happened. But I figured that I'll just go ahead and start potty training her. All of my other girls have started potty training around this age as well, so why not start. So we did. A friend of mine gave me their potty chair that they don't use anymore and I thought why not use it. We didn't use a chair with our older girls. But since Sara is scared to sit on the big potty by her self, this will be better for her. And it works. She went potty by her self. She was so happy. She even wipes her self... LOL :)

Of course I took pictures... LOL :) But I don't think I'm comfortable enough to post them here.
Non the less, she is so excited to do this and I'm so glad that she likes it because it's easier to teach them this way.

She's a BIG GIRL now.... snif, snif.....



  1. Won't be long before she is driving, LOL! Great job on the potty training.
    Oh, I've tagged you! Go to my blog to get the details.....

  2. Yay Sara!! They grow up so fast don't they?

  3. LOL :)
    You both are right. They grow up so fast. She is so excited to do it though. It's so funny to watch her sit on the potty chair.. LOL:)