Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cards using Crepe paper.

This week at Practical Scrappers our challenge was to use flowers. At PS we always try to find new ways to use thing. And there's so many ways to do flowers the DT there has worked really hard this week. Go to the PS blog and check out at all of the work.

So happened that the week before I was searching for some fun scrapbooking/card making videos and I came across a video about crepe paper. The lady did some really cool things with it and I knew just what kind of flowers I wanted to do for this weeks challenge. Unfortunately I can't find that video for you all to see. But I'll look again and if I do find it I'll post it.
I never thought about using party string for something like this before.

I did 3 cards and used dark pink and blue crepe paper.

"Happy Birthday" is sentiment stamp from CTMH "Birthday sentiments" stamp set. For this card I used my shape scissors to cut lots of little circles then I used a small bard in the middle to hold them all in place and formed the shapes of each circle to make it look more 3D like flower.

"Baby Boy" card is being featured at Practical Scrappers this week. For this card I folded the crepe sting in 1/2 and then I gathered it with a thread and needle and it formed in too a flower. I attached a large brad in the middle to hold it together.

For the thrid card I did a technique that I've seen done with ribbon and other papers. It was so much fun. I did a little raffle at the bottom of the card.... Basically what I did is again fold the crepe string in 1/2 and gather it with needle and thread but not as tight as if you would be doing a flower (see above). Place a strip of adhesive on your card and start putting down your gathered crepe string. Pressing on too where the adhesive is at, you can see on the first photo the glare, that is my adhesive.

When you are all done this is what it should look like.

When you are done with this part just start putting your card together. I put a peace of cardstock on top to cover up the stitching part. Very easy to do.... :) Hope you'll give it a try if you haven't done this before.

I had fun working with crepe paper, I hope you'll give it a try and let me know what you come up with! :)

Don't forget to stop by Practical Scrappers the creativity there is just amazing!!! :)

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  1. Hi Nadya! Awesome cards! I love your technique with the crepe paper. Definitely going to try it out.

    Heidi :)

  2. pssst .. I have an award for you on my blog ..

  3. Dont you know I JUST threw two rolls of this in the recycling that came yesterday! UGH! LOL! Great job!

  4. Thanks ladies!!! :)
    Sandi - Thanks for the award... :) I'll have to post it later today!!! :)

    Crystal- I'm sure you can find another roll in the house some where... LOL :) I always find things...