Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's time for a post or two!!! :) Air show.

WOW! I can't believe I actually have some time to post a post here. It's been a very busy month of September. I haven't had time to come here and post anything in some time now, haven't even had the time to read up all of the blogs that I'm following. It's getting better but only to pick right back up in too the busy month of Oct.-Dec. In December we are having another Silent Auction/Bake Sale at our School as Fundraiser for our Church Building Fund. So I've got A LOT of projects to do. I'm really looking forward to that. Can't wait to show you all the things that I have in my head to do... LOL :) If only it was easy to get them out of my head.

So anyways, this post is about this past weekend. We had such a good weekend spending as a family. I got to scrapbook in the morning, kids played nicely so that was really good. :) At about 3pm we heard some airplanes flying over our house very low and very loud. We came out to see what was going on and found out that it was an Air Show that weekend at Hickam AFB. We watched those planes from our house do all sorts of things. It was really awesome. They were flying so low that baby Sara was trying to hide her head she kept saying "My head" LOL :) it was cute. The girls LOVED it. We took some pictures and videos from our back yard.

On Sunday after morning Church Serves we decided to go to the base and see the planes more up close. We have never been to an Air Show before so this was really neat to see and experience. I was so impressed of how the base people had everything organized for the civilians to come on base to watch the show. They had roads blocked off and enough military men and women to guide us to where we needed to be at. It was really neat.

Here are some pictures that we took and a video or two. I have a small digital camera so our pics didn't come all that great but still they look cool I think. :) If you click on the photo you'll be able to see it bigger.

And here are couple of videos. The camera had a hard time focusing so sorry about that.

Please ignore the commentary.... LOL :) These are just the two of my favorite videos.

Nadya :)

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