Saturday, December 27, 2008

Nothing is better then to spend a night in the dark because of a power outage...

That was our Friday night!

The island of Oahu had an electric storm Friday, Dec. 26th. The day after Christmas.

Me, my sister, her husband, his brother and my girls went to WalMart, and after that we went to pick up their rental car. And then we went to Costco.

While we were in Costco shopping and getting ready to actually go home, the lights went OFF. Yup! The lights in Costco while we were in there actually turned off. But a good thing was that they had those generator things that turned some light on... not much and most of the store was with out lights. But you at leasst could see where you were going. I was very very impressed with how people behaved themselves. No one pushed any one out of their way. No one started screaming or running around crazy like some people do. Everyone was very calm and simply just turned around and started going to the check out. No one even told us to do that. It was just very interesting and so nice to see people behaving themselves like people should.

It was pouring rain outside. My BIL and I ran to get our cars. It was thundering and lighting everywhere. I don't like driving as is, and driving in that weather was just simply scary to me.

We got the kids in the car and my sister went with me to keep me sane and through the drive. All the lights were OFF. The island was dark. No traffic lights worked and again people really amazed me at letting people go and taking turns. That is how it always should be.

It was scary driving with out lights but the lights from your car and the cars in front of you and behind you. But we got to our town and it was dead stop traffic. And guess what? I had no gas in the car as is. And yes you guessed it right, I ran out of gas in the middle of the road and all that traffic and no lights. Great! The night couldn't have started any better. All that was at about 6:30pm.

My BIL got a hold of dh and he was able to find us some gas. No gas stations worked because there was no power. We were standing there on the side of the road for a good hour or so. As soon as we got some gas in my car we were good to go.

Got home only with God's help. It wasn't a lot of gas for my kind of car so we prayed that the Lord will get us home and He sure did. :)

We turned the radio on and found out why the power was off and that the whole island was off. They told us that we would be with out power for at least 12 hours. Then they came back on saying that it will be more then that more like 12 to 24 hours with out power. Grrr....

But we had fun, kind of. We played board games in the candle light. I put together my new drawer shelf thing from Ikea that my sister got me for Christmas. We BBQ'd chicken and just had a great time laughing and playing.

Not sure when the power came back on. But when dh got up for work at about 5 am the power was on. I'm glad that we didn't have to be with out power for the whole 12 hours because we had just good food and I didn't want to see all that go bad. Lord knew that we needed all that food to be good... :)

So we had another eventful Friday... What is it about Fridays around here???... LOL:)

I hope you all had a better Friday!

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