Thursday, February 19, 2009

More layouts....

Did couple more layouts last night and thought I'd post them and some that I did before.....

Enjoy!!!! :)

felt 12" border.

I love how these flower stamps look like they are exercising... The one on the left looks like it's wiping it's sweat and they all enjoy the work out... LOL:) I don't know what company they are from. I found them at Savers our thrift store. They were in a bag with bunch of other stamps. I'm so glad I got them cuz I love how cute they are.. :)

Thanks for looking!!!!


  1. Nadya,
    You've been a busy girl!!! Love all the layouts and bright colors you used. I should do a Walmart page too, it's not like I'm not there at least 3 times a week. LOL :-)

  2. Gorgeous as always! When I grow up I want to scrapbook just like you! LOL! Nice job...I laughed at the Walm-Mart one...that's something I would do!