Thursday, February 12, 2009

I've been Tagged....

Oh boy!!! :)

Thanks Pat and Tracy for tagging me.... Pat is one of my old friends from back home in Oregon. We meat when both of us were CMC's at one of our unit meetings... I was so happy to have found her online after we moved to Hawaii. :) You can read her blog here!!!! and Tracy is a awesome friend from SS... :) and she's an awesome scrapbooker paper and digital... you can check her blog out here...

The rules are to find and post the 6th photo in the 6th album on your computer.... WOW! Now I'm wondering what that photo is.... LOL:)

Oh good it's a good one... LOL :)

The picture is of our two girls giving leis to my sister and her husband when they came to visit us this past Christmas at the airport. This is Christmas Eve.

The folder is "Christmas Eve and Christmas day"....

I'm tagging...


Have fun ladies!!!! :)


  1. Thanks, Nadya! Off to find my pic :-)

  2. Thanks for tagging me Nadya. I sure miss "seeing" you on SS. :-( But I'm glad I can still keep in touch here. :-)

    I'll have to find my picture when I go reset my desktop computer. For some reason I cannot access my photos from my laptop.

  3. Thanks Cathy and Cori,
    I'll have to check your blogs to see your pictures... :)

    I'm glad you all are keeping in touch with me too! HUGS!
    Nadya :)

  4. Ok, finally I can leave a comment! The other ones didn't let me leave one...don't know why. Any ways! Nice little games yous play on here! Good job Nadya! The other blogs and your layouts are awesome! You are so talented! Love you!